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Support and Advertising Policy

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How We Support Our Blog

We have ongoing expenses Including Domain Fees and Privacy, Hosting Fees, Internet Provider Fees, VPN, Computers, Phone, Advertising, and Time. Some Posts can take up to 30 hours to Research and Produce. In a Post that is Following the Progress of a Remodel Project we have to go to the Location many times to Chronicle the Progress

Our Research or Choice of Products or Services we Present on URemodelBlog are Selected by Relevance, Suggestion or Experience. Our Blog Posts are not just a form of Income. We do and will Provide Convenient Links to The Product/Products or Services we are Researching. The Affiliate Links are and will be A Method of Financial Support to our Blog. Any Advertising on any Page of this Blog will be Paid for by the Company Advertised.

Our Links to Products should be included on every Item, this is NOT an Endorsement or Suggestion to Purchase by URemodelBlog. The Link just simply provides a quick method for you to check its Price and Availability. If you Purchase that Item or Product using the Link we receive a small Payment for providing the Link. That is in Part how we Support Our Blog.


Advertising on This Blog is through Pierce Media and Consulting LLC. For Contact use the Contact Form below and Submit your request, you will be contacted by That Office. Thank You

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