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U Remodel Blog About Us Graphic

About Us

Welcome to URemodelBlog, our Digital Magazine Providing and Sharing Decades of Experience as a Homeowner and Contractor Inside and Outside the Home. Our phrase "It's all about your Living Space" is an Expression of what we are Devoted to.


Our Articles are Intended to be Short & to the Point, however there are some Exceptions. We are often asked how to Replace, Upgrade of Repair something around the Home, that is usually the Basis for Our Articles.


In addition to our years of Experience we do Our Own Research for Products or Methods, and then Verify. We ask other Contactor and Manufactures. We also Visit University & Government Websites to obtain the most reliable Information. Some Information on the Internet is Copied from other Websites and is often incorrect.

Our Support

We support the DIY Homeowners and Encourage anyone with the Needed Skills to Tackle a Project.

We also Support the Homeowner that can Realize their Limitations and know when to call a "Pro".

Even if you are Planning to Hire a Professional for a Project, you should have some Basic Knowledge of what is needed. You will know a Expert Contractor based upon your Own Knowledge. You should not just go Blindly into something, and be Unhappy with the Result.

Product Reviews

Some Subjects can Simply be the Result of reading Hundreds of Product Reviews. If 75 out of 100 People State the Same Problem with a Product, you should know, so you Don't waste your Time and Money. Advertising is an Art to make you Believe in Something even if it is not Totally True or the Product is not Worth Buying.

We Suggest, No Recommendations

We just Share the Information, URemodelBlog will not tell you which Product is Best or Suggest a Product that you should Purchase. Our Advertising or Affiliate Programs are Suggestions of a Product we Believe in Not a recommendation from Us.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Advertising is a Link that provides a quick method for you to check the Price and Availability of a Product.

If you Purchase an Item or Product using the Link Provided, we sometimes receive a small Payment for providing the Link as a Commission. This is in Part how we Support the Expenses for Presenting this Blog.

Our Mission is to Provide the Information so you can Decide for Yourself. We are always Available by Phone, Text or Email during Normal Hours 7 to 1 MST M - F, to Answer your Question or Help with a Decision.

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